Late Summer, Houston County



Late Summer Houston County | Original Oil Painting of a springtime whitetail fawn | | Art, East Texas Style

Late Summer, Houston County
Now showing at The Boss Light
123 N. Main St., Nacogdoches, TX

Fresh green grass.  Grasshoppers buzzing.  Slight breeze in the pine trees.  Dragonflies hovering, hunting in the meadow.  And this baby following its mom across the hill into the cool, inviting shade.  Summer time in my front yard.  My toes are cold right now, so I am waxing nostalgic for summer.

(You can remind of me of that in August when it’s like a furnace outside!)


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If you like this painting, or have questions about it, please email me.  You may also reach me via Facebook, use the comment section below or the contact form on this site.  Thanks!



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