Clancy’s Pride


Clancy’s Pride
Watercolor on Canson’s Watercolor board
9″ x 12″, Unframed.


Earlier this year, I was blessed to be able to take my very first painting workshop.  When you’re not really making any money .. it’s hard to justify SPENDING it .. but I had a little nest egg of “me” funds and with Dave’s support I signed up.

Of course, I was terrified .. my hearing loss makes it hard to do anything all by myself.  And I know that I amplify that fear to monumental highs all within my bony little head.  But!  I did not let the demon voices of inadequacy stifle my enthusiasm.  And I packed my art stuff and my dreams and off I went to Clifton, Texas to study watercolor with Texas artist, Randy Meador for three glorious days.

I had a fabulous time.  Yes, there were times I had to guess at what he was saying .. but I had a sweet table-mate who filled me in on the high spots.  I learned more than I expected.  Color mixing and  the mechanics of watercolor, but mostly to relax and be patient.  Certainly a lesson I need to practice daily ..

When I got back I was anxious to apply my new knowledge to a piece all my own.  And I found this photo of a mule with lots of contrast that really tugged at my heart.  Ultimately, it became “Clancy’s Pride”.  I was thrilled with my first test run of what Randy taught me.   Here’s hoping for more “beginner’s luck” ..   Till then, here is “Clancy’s Pride”.



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