Clancy’s Pride

“Clancy’s Pride”
Original Watercolor
18″ x 20″, framed


I have loved mules for a long time and I secretly harbor a wish for my very own mule to ride up and down the dirt roads …  “If wishes were horses MULES” …

This was the first piece I completed on my own after taking Randy Meador’s watercolor class earlier this year.  I loved the contrast of the dark background and the shine of the buckles on the harnesses.  I imagined him standing in my barn door in the sunshine .. one half of a pair:  Pride and Prejudice .. Predgy for short.  Clancy being their former owner, an old Irish gentleman who lived up the dirt road a piece.  Having gotten up in years .. he bequeathed them to me because of all the oatmeal cookies I’d shared with him over the years and my obvious devotion to their care. I could go on with this .. shall I?  The only mules I am ever likely to own are these imaginary ones …


Clancy’s Pride is going to show for a couple of weeks at  .. then, if no one has adopted him, he will be off to the Boss Light in Nacogdoches.  I do hope someone loves him as much as I do.

Here are some in-progress photos:

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