It never occurred to me growing up that someday I might actually be a mom. I didn’t have that burning desire that some women feel. But the second I knew each of my babies was on board, I fell in love. Today, they are all grown up and have their own children. Now they know how much I loved THEM.


He has changed my life in a way no other person has. Before he arrived, I only thought I knew what love was.  Just…

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June, 1949 My mother & my older brother, Jim My mother was one of ten siblings, eight of which grew to adulthood.  She was…

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  My dad is on the left in this photo that was taken during deer season in the fall of 1956 .  I was…

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She is beautiful and funny and smart. She loves cowgirl boots, her family and bugs. She has the most amazing lapis blue eyes. She…

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Trey Boy

This beautiful boy is my only grandson.  He is the sweetest, most thoughtful little man you’re ever likely to meet. He adores his little…

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Hannah Banana

Hannah created the grandmother me.  Singlehandedly she enlarged my heart, increased my wonder of the Universe and made everything sweeter, brighter and more fun….

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